Amateur Radio In Antarctica


The main rig used for Amateur activity is my Elecraft K3 (#2847) with a Sennheiser PC 350 gaming headset and a Begali ‘Magnetic Traveller Light’ paddle.

For logging and QSL management I use Galosh.


For QSL information, please see the Contact page.

Log Check


Locator Description
FC52wk Rothera Station
FB58up Fossil Bluff
HD15sr King Edward Point Station
HB64ok Halley V Station
HB64vj Halley 6 Station

Halley Station: December 2011—February 2012

Halley is the second-largest station, after Rothera. There has not been much recent amateur activity from the station to my knowledge, which I hope to rectify! As well as the opportunity to activate Halley 5 (the current base), this year sees the commissioning of the new base at Halley 6.

I'll be spending three months at Halley Station from the end of December 2011 to the beginning of March 2012, working as a summer operator and helping out with the move to Halley 6.

The short summer season will obviously be very busy, especially with the commissioning of the new station, but my intention is to put both the old and new base on the air as time permits.

Rothera Station: November 2009—March 2011

I was lucky enough to spend 18 months at the British Antarctic Survey's Rothera Research Station as the Communications Manager for the 2010 Winter.

Rothera is quite a large Antarctic base, housing up to 110 people in summer. There is a lot of aircraft and shipping traffic around the base, and there are field parties to support. On the plus side, this means there is a good HF setup, especially as regards antennas. The bad news is that it's pretty much always in use at the height of the summer! Even so, I logged 7422 contacts at Rothera and Fossil Bluff, including the first Antarctic 6m EME activation.

Fossil Bluff

Fossil Bluff is an old BAS Wintering station on Alexander Island (AN-018). Nowadays it's used as a forward operating base and fuelling station to support aircraft operations along the Southern part of the Antarctic Peninsula. I was active there from 2010-12-14 to 2010-12-22, making 230 contacts.