Tags: homebrew, haskell, hakyll

Posted: August 4, 2011

Installing Hakyll on OS X

I’ve been experiementing with moving my website and blog to Hakyll; a static site generator written in Haskell. Initial impressions are very good, but installation under OS X could be smoother.

The following worked for me.

$ brew install pcre haskell-platform
$ cabal update
$ cabal install --disable-library-for-ghci highlighting-kate 
$ cabal install -fhighlighting pandoc
$ cabal install hakyll

Further notes on SASS

sass can be used as a CSS pre-processor, providing variables etc. in CSS. It comes as a ruby gem. To install locally on OS X Lion:

  1. OS X comes with gem already installed.
  2. Run ‘gem environment’ to check your directories. Note that $HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8 already exists in GEM PATHS.
  3. $GEM_HOME controls where new gems will be installed to.
  4. export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8
  5. Run ‘gem environment’ again and check you like what you see.
  6. ‘gem install sass’
  7. Add $HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin to your PATH.