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Posted: June 21, 2009


Well, I seem to have run out of excuses to put off starting this blog, so welcome!

At the moment I’m tidying up in Lancaster, ready to leave for my new job at the British Antarctic Survey in about a week.

I’ll be spending the next 22 months or so working for BAS; at first here in the UK on training courses, and then I’ll be living and working on Rothera Station for 18 months as the Wintering Communications Manager. For a closer look at the station, Google Maps has high-resolution imagery.

The blog, as you might have noticed, has a few rough spots around the edges. That’s because I’m playing around with writing the blogging software myself as an exercise in Lisp programming (and for various practical reasons as well, some of which I might go into in a future post.) Despite that, it’s now at a stage where it’s good enough to use; I’m usually appallingly bad at keeping in touch with people, so hopefully this will make the process easier.

RSS coming soon, I promise.