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Lab Notes

Logging the MikroTik LTE setup process

21 June 2020

Today I used the setup I built in the previous lab to capture the setup process for the MikroTik R11e-LTE6 modem.

Very little configuration is required for this in RouterOS.

  1. The first step is to configure the APN details for your mobile carrier. APN profiles are first-class objects in RouterOS, to allow them to be independently attached to and detached from interfaces and SIM slots without losing the configuration.
/interface lte apn add name=vodafone apn=pp.vodafone.co.uk user=wap password=wap
  1. Attach this new profile to the only LTE interface
/interface lte set lte1 apn-profiles=vodafone
  1. Wait for a little while and confirm you can ping out to the world:
  1. Once you have confirmed that the LTE interface is working, configure the system logger to log LTE commands, then reboot so the log will show the full setup process from a clean boot.
/system logging add topics=lte
/system reboot
  1. Wait for the system to reboot and establish a connection again. Once you’re connected configure your serial terminal to log serial traffic to disk, and then dump the RouterOS log to the console with /log print.

If all has gone well you should now have a full log of the interaction between RouterOS and the modem during the boot and connection process.